Friday, 10 May 2013

Happily Everafter

                        And they lived happily ever after.

How many times did we not come across this sentence since childhood?
As a kid, when my mom used to end a story with the above sentence,
I’d continue imagining the story further, with the characters midst sunshine, rainbows, castles, unicorns, bunnies and what-not, believing in happy endings. (Umm,.. actually I don’t remember! Did I? Let’s just say I did :D)

I’d imagine the happy ending to be, my family moving into a castle and me ending up being treated as a royalty. (Umm, I still wonder why I wanted to be a Vet in spite of being a royalty!)

As I grew up (to be a god-save-my-mom-teenager!), happy endings were finding a best friend for life, saying witty remarks in front of crushes, or having pani puris every evening, a good haircut,  also, bunking  school classes and completing high school. In all of those moments, I thought life cannot get better. 

Not until my Grandpa passed away. It was a blow for the entire family. I had to reconsider my opinion on Happy Endings.

Then, I wanted to be someone who my Grandpa would be proud of. Yes, I thought that would be my happy ending. (I still don’t know if I made it.)

As I grew up (thankfully, without turning into a belieber, :P), I forgot about the thought itself. 
The reason being, I've had good friends and a great time. My college life (which mostly had nothing to do with the college and most of the people in it) was all about having FUN with my best friends, cursing college and lecturers, sharing despairs, gossip, hangouts and the best of all-Sleepovers!


In the first few years of engineering, my happy ending was surely to get a good job, go shopping all the time and spend gala time with family and friends, and finally find somebody who loves me the way I love them (I find the last sentence a little desperate, but hey! it’s just how everyone wants a happy ending to be. Finding that someone.).

It’s been more than three years now, since I've last imagined my happy ending in life. 
3 years back, I imagined all of the above, would be my best happily ever after.
Now, I did not lose much. I have a job, and I do get to spend gala time with my family and friends (which is rare). No complaints.


It’s the way I perceive Happy Ending, these days.
If what I have is a happy ending, then why do I have second thoughts about it (at times)?
And, what if I did find that special someone and that person is already somebody else’s? Or worse, doesn't give a damn about me? It would all end in tears.

I hardly get time, to go meet my brother in Chennai. It’s been almost two years since I've been there. It’s always he who takes time to come meet me and my family.

There was a time when I used to fill my diary, every day, I’d draw comics, write short stories (or at least, used to come up with good 
story lines) and write articles. Life was good. 

Life is still good. But, these days, I don’t have time to be there for people who matter to me, when they need me the most. I feel selfish and horrible to be doing to this to everyone around me.
Don’t get me wrong. I love my job. And I’m all the more happy, that I’m still happily single and get to live life on my own terms. I have great friends who listen to my cribbing and a happy home to go back to every evening.

It’s now that phase in my life, where I don’t know what I want and don’t.
Is this my happy ending?
Or is it lurking in the future?

If this is the perfect ending, then, am I going greedy?

Friday, 29 March 2013

You Know You're Insanely Bored When You....

1) Update your blog with posts-such as this.
2) Google the word ‘Google’ and then Google images on it.

3) Start taking Random quizzes on the internet.
4) Find posts, such as this, hilarious!
5) Use Office Stationery to make rockets, use all the pins in the stapler, and waste other useless office stuff.

6) Start humming ‘Justin Bieber’ songs.
7) Reminiscence the ‘FUN’ days you had back in college.
8) Stare at a random profile on Facebook.
9) Start pinging random person in the office.
10) Open your official mail box, every five minutes. 

11) Don't find the blog ‘’ funny.
12) You’d want to list some more jobless stuff you do, when you get bored.

But, I’m going to stop here.

And bore myself all day I guess,.. :|  

Friday, 15 March 2013

Why 'I' celebrated 'International Women's Day'

I know, this post has been uploaded late, but hey! I've uploaded it anyway.     :-P

March 8, marks the celebration of International Women’s day.

Some of us (like everyone at my office) like to celebrate the day, and some of us don’t, because of varied reasons.

Everyone’s entitled to their own opinions, and I am not writing this to contradict or oppose them.

Like the title of my post suggests, I did celebrate Women’s Day. (Or rather, my workplace was more enthusiastic about it, or maybe.. they were finding reasons to take time off from work.)

:-D I got loads of chocolates and boxes of cookies, and I never was pampered so much before, thanks to all the guy folks in my office.

Well, keeping all the fun part aside, I celebrated Women’s day to celebrate the Women who have changed my life, and never failed to inspire me, encourage me and love me. 

They are not famous celebrities, politicians, or entrepreneurs.

But, women who keep their families bonded, who work restlessly, who've made sacrifices relentlessly, and who've been there, done that and are still going strong.

I feel this day is rather a tribute to all those ladies (women), rather than me, who’s just started knowing life! (Which, unfortunately is such a B****, like my friend said!)

In short, I’d say IWD is for people like my Grandma, Mommy and several others 
who've inspired and loved us, beginning from home.
Rather, it’s for Aunties. (Kidding! ;-D)

I could write endlessly on my Mom or Grandma and my favorite Aunts. But, this blog won’t be sufficient. It’s best to stop here.

I hope you all got what I mean to say, and why I celebrated Women’s day. 

Tuesday, 2 October 2012

The Walk Back Home

The reason to start this blog is my intent to write funny and satirical posts. But, I began writing short stories recently and there is a great satisfaction, if you write them, be it short or long.

This interest started with writing poems. Then, my poems began to have a storyline in them, which inspired me to write short stories.

Not all can be good story tellers. And I am just a beginner. My stories and their storyline, definitely draw inspiration from my interests, surroundings and persons I admire. And, I do not promise or proclaim everyone will like what I write.

                                                  THE WALK BACK HOME

It was a cold and moonless night. She heard the clock chime twelve, some place far away.
“I know I should not be out here at this hour. But I miss my folks. And I cannot sleep.”  Jane thought.

Jane lost her parents, her brother and his new wife in an accident. Her brother was her best friend, and she was beginning to find a new friend in his wife. She could see they were so much in love. She could not get over the things that happened to them. ‘How can God be so unfair?’ she thought.

As she came back to her senses, she saw that she was sitting on a bench in front of the cemetery, where her family was buried a week back. She thought it was best to leave now. This night was unusually creepy and eerie. She did not realize she was sitting there since the evening.

She began to walk down the road. She saw lights at the end of the road. It was strangely quiet. She mustered all the courage to walk till the end of the road. Although, she could not think what is giving her the creeps. There was nobody else (or so she thought!) and that is what made it scarier.

There was a tap on her shoulder. She could not take a step forward. She was pretty sure she was alone.

“Hey! Wait up!” It was a guy’s voice. She began to take quicker steps. The end of the road looked so far away.
“Listen up!” he was standing in front of her. He was tall, unusually fair with rumpled hair and remarkable features. But, the eyes, they were not lifelike rather pale, glassy and misty.  He was nothing like ordinary. 
“I am Henry. Henry James III. I have come here to visit my wife’s grave. I happened to see you when I came out. It’s unusually dark and creepy tonight. And, I thought I’d give you company.”

“I can walk for myself. Thank You.”

“Look I know it’s late and I should not have followed you. But, I don’t think it is safe for you to walk here at this time of the night. I am here to help you reach home safely.” He assured her.

She decided it is best not to argue and she began to walk again, with him beside her.   

“How come I did not see you before I started down the street?” Jane asked him.
“You were lost. I was coming right out of the gate when you started.” He said.

Silence. Dead Silence.

“You seem to be grieving. Who did you lose?” he asked.
“My family and my new sister-in-law.” She said.
“I am sorry.”
“Don’t be. It is not your fault. It’s may be because of me.” She said.

“Shall I walk you home? In this state I don’t think you can even walk straight.”Henry said with a concern his voice.
She looked at him. There was no sort of emotions on his face. She looked into his eyes. It is as if they could see through her. This made her weak, out of fear. His voice was nothing like what he looked like. It was strong, assuring and had command to it.

“It’s not necessary. I can find my way. Besides, I don’t even know you.”

“You may not know me. But you can know who to take help from and when to take.”

She looked at him again. This man, Henry James III does not look like he talks. She now observed a prominent limp in his walk. 

“Why are you named Henry James III? Sounds so ancient.” she asked him.  

There was the sound of an airy laughter unusual again, for a man. She looked at him again, only to see that expressionless face.

“My parents named me that way, just for the heck of it. Do not ask me why again. I do not know the answer for it.”He sighed.

 “Okay. I am Jane by the way. Jane Thompson.”

The end of the street approached. They now took a left turn. She saw that the lights were out on this lane today. Why is it turning out be quite a weird night?

“How did you lose your wife?” she asked him.
“In an accident. A speeding car hit her and then hit me. She saved me. The impact lessened when it hit me. We were crossing the road.”
“That must have been devastating. I am sorry.”
“Don’t be. It was my fault.”
They crossed the street to take a right turn. Thankfully, there were lights. But the night still seemed to be cold and dark.
“How did you lose your family?”
“Lost them in an accident too. They dropped me off at the crossroads and were about to start when an uncontrolled truck rammed the car. I should have been in the car. They stopped because of me.”
“Hey! It was not your fault. Sometimes God does unfair things to good people.” He said, stopping in his tracks.

She looked at him again. The face was still fierce. It was maybe because of the loss that he incurred.
But there were no lines on his face that showed the grief.

“My brother was so much in love and I have never seen him so happy in his life. He never got a chance to live and experience his new found love. My parents and I were so happy for him.”
 Tears streamed down her fair cheeks.

“Your time on this planet is not known to anybody. Death is something that does not come knocking on someone’s door. People should realise that. There may be unfinished tasks, unfinished goals and unfound love. But all these do not matter after you are dead. It is how you live that counts. Not what you leave behind.” He explained. They continued their walk. She was glad they were nearing her place.
She sniffed and said “But they might not want to leave this place so early. That itself makes it an unfinished job. They may want to experience it all and then leave?”

“Your brother, his wife and your parents were all in a happy state when they met with this accident. The accident must have been so quick they may not have felt any pain. So, they left this place happy.”He said taking her hand in his and patting it. There was no smile. But he was looking directly into her eyes. This made her uncomfortable again. His hands were cold. Icy cold.

They walked in silence till they reached her place. They stopped in front of her home.
“Thanks so much for walking all this way and also for those kind words. They were re-assuring.”She smiled.
He laughed that airy laugh again and looked in her eyes. It was piercing. Or so she thought.
“You’re welcome. I hope you live to be happy.” He said.

The last remark seemed spooky for her. She turned to walk to her door. She reached the porch.
He was not there.
That was quick for a man who limps. She still pondered on that last remark. It sent shivers. And she thought of those eyes.
She did not want to think more of this ghostly (Was she imagining?) figure. She opened the door and walked in.

Next day, Henry woke up. He thought about the girl from last night.
He thought about the freak accident in which her family perspired. He was thankful his wife, Shauna did not die in such a terrible accident. He would not be able to cope, if he would have watched her die in such a manner. His friends always say he has become a very fierce and a serious man after Shauna’s death.

He got out of his bed. He decided to go and pay respect to the Thompsons too.
He went to the cemetery everyday with lavenders. His wife loved them.
Today, he took flowers to place on the Thompson graves.

He reached the cemetery. He did not expect to see Jane in the morning.
He placed flowers on Shauna’s grave. He sat with her for some time.
He took a deep breath. He started to search for the Thompson graves

He finally found the graves. He saw four graves at the beginning. But as he began to read the names, he came across a fifth gravestone. It read:

Jane Thompson.

He could not think for few minutes. He stood staring at the grave.
Finally, he placed flowers on Jane’s grave and walked out of the cemetery.
He decided he will place flowers on her grave every day.

Saturday, 11 August 2012

The Ten Movies

Sunaina Patnaik: Awarded the 'Notable Newbie Award' by Blogadda and 'The Versatile Blogger', I dont think I really need to give her an Introduction.

But, I can only say, I am glad she has taken her time out (!) and wrote this post for me (A selfish request, so people can notice my blog, in spite o
f this being a not-so-frequently updated blog!)

She is really an amazing writer and a great blogger.
Check out her blog
(Right after you check this post!) :P

                            The Ten Movies

Last time, I wrote a post on ten favourite books and this time, it is the turn of movies. There are movies that make you feel good, make you jump in joy and then there are movies that are the perfect adaptations of your favourite books and some not-so perfect adaptations. (Abrupt Period) So anyway, let us get talking about the movies.
    1) Shawshank Redemption:
How many people have this on their list? I guess, more than half of the world! This legendary movie, an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel is a story of a banker named Andy who spends nearly two decades in Shawshank Prison for the murder of his wife and her lover. During his stay in the prison, he develops friendship with a fellow inmate.
And well, let me not reveal the entire plot here. You got to watch it, to know it.

  2) Pretty Woman:
This movie is just hilarious. Or is ‘hilarious’ an under-statement? This movie is my all-time favourite starring my all-time favourite actors Julia Roberts, Richard Gere. Everything about this movie is wonderful-the star cast, the sound-tracks, the direction etc. Pretty Woman is a story of a prostitute who falls in love with a wealthy businessman. The way she transforms herself is brilliant and Julia Roberts lived upto the role of Vivian, and she is nothing but gorgeous.

  3) Notting Hill:
I am sucker for Julia Roberts and Hugh Grant. And this movie is just beautiful. This movie is a story of a mediocre travel book-shop owner who doesn’t make much money. But everything changes after Julia Roberts, who happens to be a famous actress visits his book-store and bumps into him later. One of the best love-stories with wonderful sound-tracks!

  4)  DDLJ:
Nobody makes love-stories like Shahrukh Khan! No, this is not an exaggeration but is sheer truth. DDLJ is one legendary movie in Indian Cinema. The story of Raj-Simran became so popular that many movies came with similar stories but none went closer to DDLJ. With awesome songs, best on-screen couple, and lovely direction, this movie is a feast to one’s eyes.

  5)  A Walk To Remember:
I love Nicholas Sparks’s books and this is the only adaptation that I have liked. Or wait, did I like The Notebook too? And The Nights at Rodanthe, for that matter of fact? But anyway, none of them made it this list except this one. This movie is a story of Landon Carter, a carefree, young man who displays quite a rough nature. And as usual, everything changes when he falls in love with Jamie Sullivan. He transforms himself into a wonderful guy and in the final stretch of the movie, she admits that she is affected with leukaemia and the remaining part of the movie is quite poignant.

  6)  Midnight in Paris:
This is one hilarious movie. I love this movie in spite of having Owen Wilson in it and I hate him. But he did a great job in this movie.
This awesome movie has been directed by Woody Allen. This is a story of a man named Gil, a screenwriter who travels back in time every night. This turns out to be quite a wonderful experience as he encounters Cole Porter, Ernest Hemingway, Scott Fitzgerald, and many other famous artists. He spends next few nights in the past and gets his first novel reviewed by Gertrude Stein.

It is a must-watch movie.

  7) Pride and Prejudice:
This movie is an adaptation of Jane Austen’s novel. No movie can be as good as classic novels but this movie is quite good. Keira Knightley and Matthew MacFadyen have lived upto the characters of Elizabeth Bennet and Mr. Darcy. And the story-line of the movie is same as that of the book. :-P

    8) When Harry Met Sally:
This movie is not just phenomenal but many Bollywood movies and few Hollywood movies draw inspiration from WHMS. Yeah, seriously! Observe, the character of the protagonists, for instance. The girl doesn’t want to fall in love with the man, the man wants to and at the end of the movie, this goes vice-versa. The girl cries, the man acts stupid, and realizes his mistake and traverses all across the city in search of the girl.

The tried and tested plot but hey, it has tried by WHMS for the first time. And that is all.

    9) Becoming Jane:
Becoming Jane is an interesting movie which is based on Jane Austen’s love-life. It is said that Jane Austen was in love with an Irishman, Tom Lefroy and she wrote ‘Pride and Prejudice’ during this time. Also, the character of Darcy is highly influenced from Tom Lefroy’s character. It has pretty bad reviews but my obsession for Jane Austen and her life made me like this movie. Honestly, many of you might not like it. Agreeable!

10) Anand (Telugu):
     This is one lovely movie directed by Sekhar Kammula. This is a story of a girl, Roopa. And that is all in the movie. The entire story revolves around her, her parent’s death, her broken marriage, her love-life etc. A beautiful story with beautiful songs and is a feast to one’s eyes.
This movie is so different from regular, irritating South Indian movies and for once, it has been accepted quite well by the regular South-Indians. Nice, eh?

There are many more movies that I would have loved to include but these are the top ten and the best that I have liked. Or loved!

- Sunaina Patnaik

Sunday, 3 June 2012



You've waited long enough for this BIG day..
Not only you ..
But also us..
Now that it's here..
It's going to be grand, smashing and fun..

Congrats on turning twenty one :)
 Have a great 21st birthday SU !!!

Thursday, 24 May 2012

Dear Math, have mercy!

'Math.' The sound of it gives me the creeps. Ever since childhood, I hoped someday there would be a life ban on the subject. No such luck. I'm still being haunted by it.

I am someone who has a very short attention span, when it comes to studying.
And Math.. Requires loads of it.

I can take on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. Maybe algebra, probability, permutations and trignometry.
But no!
Not geometry, differentiation, integration and all such pain staking complexities.

Math's been traumatizing me since .. FOREVER.
Sometimes even turning up in sane subjects like chemistry and science.
Such a shame to whine about math at this age. But I just cannot help it. I'm still in search of so many of solutions to its infinite problems!

Theorems, formulas and tricks to remember! So many no brainers and so much hard work to do.
Math has become so important in our lives that it's even making entry into our blogs..!

Practice, practice and practice is all we should..
But to hell with it!